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I came across the article, Historical Evidence and the Empty Tomb Story–A Reply to William Lane Craig by Jeffery Jay Lowder at There it also says it appears as a chapter in your Empty Tomb book, which I have not yet read.
Since the writer here does a detailed point by point analysis and refutation of Craig’s arguments, but does so from a stance of presupposing the historicity of the main events and characters therein depicted, my question is do you think this is the most effective way of answering Craig, or would you hit him harder on the superior plausibility of the myth/script hypothesis?
 I agree we are, through the impressive and exhaustive work of brilliant mathematicians and scientists, closing the gaps and will continue to do so. But do not underestimate the combined power of faith and cognitive dissonance. To illustrate the point, if you have a few minutes and want a real (sad) laugh, check out this Youtube video: . You’ll see why I despair of the ability of science to talk someone out of their religion…The guy in this video, like Hovind, is–shall we say–“out there”, but there are (is?) no end of these people.

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